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Before being a vineyard, Domaine du Pavillon used to have hundreds of fruit trees, which gradually gave way to grapevines. In the 1960s, the Drômoise farm was transformed into a barrel cellar where the Estate’s first cuvées were produced. After the meeting between two men, the owner Stéphane Cornu and Michel Audibert, both winegrowers and passionate about wines with character, history was transformed. After several years of close collaboration, the Estate came to be owned by the Audibert family [link to site], winegrowers from father to son in Pays d’Aix for five generations.

Today, it is Sébastien Philibert, with the support of Famille Audibert, who manages the vineyard, and participates in the production of the two generous and gourmet cuvées of Domaine du Pavillon.

A place steeped in history, the Estate is home to a hunting lodge listed on the land register of Napoleon I, and from which it takes its name today.

The grapevines of Domaine du Pavillon extend over the hillsides of the great Crozes-Hermitage appellation, benefiting from a sumptuous terroir conducive to wines with character.


Perpetuating the tradition of the great vintages of the northern Rhône Valley, the vineyard which extends over 14 hectares in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation has a large majority of syrah, some of which are 40 years old, mounted on stakes, and some plots of roussanne and marsanne spread over 2 hectares.

The vineyard is made up of grapevines planted on southwest facing slopes, and others on plains managed with an ancestral technique of natural shade, where grapes protected from the sun ripen in the shade of their own leaves.

Grown on filtering and very stony soil, our grapes benefit from a low diurnal thermal amplitude thanks to the immense rounded pebbles and gravel that store heat during the day and release it at night. The mistral wind, very powerful in this region, also allows a drier, more ventilated atmosphere to be maintained, conducive to healthy grapes and concentrated wines.

Les Châssis

Son exposition plein Est permet aux vignes de bénéficier d’un bel ensoleillement dès le matin et jusqu’en fin d’après-midi. Le sol argilo-sableux est particulièrement propice à l’ancrage du système racinaire des vignes, permettant une belles maturités des raisins


Les sols d’argile rouge situés principalement au Nord de l’appellation représentent un terroir favorable au développement de la vigne. En effet, l’argile constitue un réservoir d’eau et de nutriments indispensable à leur bonne évolution.


David Cornillon
Winemaker of Domaine du Pavillon

From a family of generations of winegrowers, David is a man of the land. Passionate about grapevines, he is very attached to his environment and to the unique terroir of Crozes-Hermitage, whose richness lies in its complexity and minerality.

For David, an exceptional wine reflects the demands placed on work on the grapevines and in the cellar.

His vision? “Producing great, rich, complex wines rooted in common sense and respect for life.”

Organic philosophy

Despite the complicated climate conditions, we are committed to manage the vineyard with respect for its land and the surrounding nature, with a process for conversion to organic agriculture for the 2025 vintage.

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